uxcell 1.5 Inch Chip Paint Brush Synthetic Bristle with Wood Handle for Wall Treatment 12pcs

Product Introduction – foruxcell 1.5 Inch Chip Paint Brush

foruxcell 1.5 Inch Chip Paint Brush Synthetic Bristle with Wood Handle for Wall Treatment 12pcs

The foruxcell 1.5 Inch Chip Paint Brush is a high-quality synthetic bristle brush designed for wall treatment and painting projects. With its durable wood handle, this product provides a comfortable grip and excellent control during application.


  • The synthetic bristles of this chip paint brush are carefully selected to deliver smooth and even paint application on various surfaces.
  • It comes in a pack of 12 brushes, providing great value for money.
  • The wood handle is lightweight and ergonomic, reducing fatigue during extended use.
  • The 1.5-inch brush width is ideal for covering larger areas quickly.
  • This brush is suitable for both water-based and oil-based paints, making it versatile for different projects.


  • Due to its chip brush design, it may not be suitable for fine detailing or intricate work.
  • It’s important to note that the bristles are synthetic and may not provide the same level of performance as natural bristle brushes for certain applications.


  • Always ensure that the brush is clean and free from any debris before use to prevent imperfections in the paint finish.
  • When using oil-based paints, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for proper disposal of used brushes and cleaning materials.
  • Store the brushes in a cool and dry place to prevent damage to the bristles or handle.

Suitable Audience:

The foruxcell 1.5 Inch Chip Paint Brush is suitable for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts who are involved in wall treatment projects. It is perfect for individuals looking for an affordable and reliable option for various painting tasks.

Suitable Occasions:

This paint brush is suitable for a wide range of occasions such as painting walls, ceilings, fences, and furniture. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

  • To clean the brush thoroughly, rinse it under running water to remove excess paint.
  • For stubborn paint residues, use a mild soap or brush cleaner to gently remove them.
  • After cleaning, reshape the bristles with your fingers and let the brush air dry.
  • Store the brush with the bristles facing upright or hang it to retain its shape.

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