Flume 2 Smart Home Water Monitor & Water Leak Detector: Detect Water Leaks Before They Cause Damage. Monitor Your Water Use to Reduce Waste & Save Money. Installs in Minutes, No Plumbing Required

Flume 2 Smart Home Water Monitor & Water Leak Detector: Detect Water Leaks Before They Cause Damage

Flume 2 Smart Home Water Monitor & Water Leak Detector

Introducing the Flume 2 Smart Home Water Monitor & Water Leak Detector – the ultimate solution to help you detect water leaks before they cause damage. With this cutting-edge device, you can also monitor your water use to reduce waste and save money. The Flume 2 is designed to be easily installed in just a few minutes without the need for any plumbing expertise.


The Flume 2 Smart Home Water Monitor offers numerous advantages for homeowners:

  • Early Leak Detection: Detect and alert you of water leaks in real-time, enabling you to take immediate action and prevent extensive damage to your home.
  • Water Usage Monitoring: Track your water consumption and identify any abnormal usage patterns, helping you make informed decisions to reduce waste and save money on your monthly bills.
  • Easy Installation: The Flume 2 can be installed within minutes, without the need for professional plumbing assistance. Simply attach it around your existing water meter and connect to your Wi-Fi network using the user-friendly mobile app.
  • Real-time Notifications: Receive instant notifications on your smartphone whenever an unusual water flow or potential leak is detected, ensuring you can address the issue promptly.
  • Historical Data Analysis: Access detailed historical usage data through the app to gain insights into your water consumption patterns over time.
  • Compatibility: The Flume 2 is compatible with any water meter with a pulse output, making it suitable for a wide range of homes, whether you have a residential or commercial property.


While the Flume 2 offers numerous benefits, it is important to be aware of a few limitations:

  • Dependent on Wi-Fi: The Flume 2 relies on a stable Wi-Fi connection to function properly. Any fluctuations in your internet connectivity may affect its performance.
  • Compatibility Limitations: Although the Flume 2 is compatible with most water meters, it may not work with older or specialized meters. It is recommended to check compatibility before purchasing.
  • Initial Setup and Learning Curve: While installation is straightforward, there may be a short learning curve involved in configuring the device and understanding all the features of the mobile app.

Precautions and Suitable Audience

When using the Flume 2 Smart Home Water Monitor, it is important to consider the following precautions:

  • Ensure your Wi-Fi signal reaches the installation location to maintain a reliable connection with the device.
  • Regularly check the battery level and replace if necessary to avoid interruptions in monitoring functionality.
  • Keep the device away from direct water exposure or harsh weather conditions to prevent damage.
  • The Flume 2 is suitable for homeowners, renters, and property managers who want to proactively monitor water usage and detect leaks in their homes or properties.

Occasions Suitable for Use

The Flume 2 is suitable for various occasions and situations:

  • New Homeowners: Use the Flume 2 to gain insights into your water usage patterns and identify any potential issues immediately after moving into a new home.
  • Renovations and Upgrades: During home renovations or plumbing upgrades, the Flume 2 can help identify any leaks or irregular water usage, allowing you to address them before completing the project.
  • Vacation Homes: Monitor water usage remotely to ensure no leaks or excessive water consumption is occurring while your vacation home is unoccupied.
  • Smart Home Enthusiasts: The Flume 2 integrates with popular smart home platforms, making it an ideal choice for those who want to add water monitoring and leak detection to their existing smart home setup.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Flume 2 requires minimal cleaning and maintenance:

  • Clean the device using a soft, damp cloth to remove any dust or debris that may accumulate over time.
  • Regularly check the battery level and replace if needed to ensure uninterrupted functionality.
  • Keep the device firmware and mobile app updated to access the latest features and improvements.

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