Ivy Gerassimou, can you tell us the story behind how you and your boyfriend got together?

Short version: About a month after we met, his ex girlfriend broke up with him after Valentine’s Day, I comforted him and brought him his favourite ice cream. After three months of friendship he asked me out.

Long version: My best friend at the time was also his best friend, so it was inevitable that we would meet. We ended up meeting at McDonald’s with some other mutual friends. The first time I saw him I took a double take so fast I got fucking whiplash. He came straight towards us and greeted our friends, my bestie then introduced him to me. My heart was beating so fucking fast I thought I was going to faint, I told my friend to come with to the bathroom so we could gossip about this sexy ass person. As soon as we were out of earshot I fucking yelled how damn fine he is and my best friend explained that he had a girlfriend. My heart sunk to my ass, I may or may not have shed a tear or two when receiving this news.

The self control I had to not flirt with him was unbelievable, we had so much chemistry I haven’t clicked with someone as much as I have with him. He wasn’t happy in his relationship, this girl was very bitchy and she put him down a lot, when he told her about his depression she laughed, hysterically. She was also racist against black people specifically muslims, she would make fun of disabled people constantly. Just an all round bitch. I never met her while they were dating she would work all the time I never ended up meeting her.

On Valentine’s day he tried to meet up with her, she decided to work instead after promising a date with him. He had bought chocolates and flowers for her, he gave it to his mate so he could hit on chicks with it. She got of work around 2pm instead of hanging out my boyfriend she decided to catch up with some friends. She ignored him the whole day until around 10pm at night, she messaged him saying she was ready to hang out. I won’t go into details of their fight but he got fucking pissed because he had exams the next day and she wanted to hang out late at night. He told his friends that he was gonna break up with her, they ended up telling her and she did it first. My sneaky ass boyfriend messaged me saying how upset he was (he didn’t care at all about her) me being naive I bought him his favourite ice cream and went straight to his house. I was there for two hours (this was my first time meeting his family) we played cards against humanity and ate ice cream.

After that day we spent more and more time alone (something we didn’t do before) we shared our most intimate secrets together, it wasn’t long before we spent every single day together.

He ended up asking me out over phone, my family was in the room at the time and my sisters went batshit crazy screaming at the top of the lungs when it happened.

I love him so fucking much.

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