How to get the executable file name in C++?

When the compiler compiles code it spits out an executable. What I want to do is grab the name of that executable when it runs. The only problem is every where I search, I only get ways to grab the whole path of the executable.

If I have an executable named app.exe, I want to output it in console. People online say to use GetModuleFileName, GetModuleBaseName, and argv[0], but all of those give me the full path to the .exe, like C:\Users\Lone-PC\Desktop\app.exe, and not just app.exe alone.

I don't want to use any libraries and this is all packed in a console application for a windows machine.

I found what I want thanks to user HTNW. I have to process the directory, from the mentioned methods like argv[0].

So I looked it up and borrowed code and made a function that will return the file name in a string.

Here is the code that solved my issue

string getFileName(string path) {
    string filename = path;
    const size_t last_slash_idx = filename.find_last_of("\\/");
    if (std::string::npos != last_slash_idx) {
        filename.erase(0, last_slash_idx + 1);
    const size_t period_idx = filename.rfind('.');

    return filename;

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