Fill certain cell in ms.excel using python

I have data that I cleaned using python, like this:

id order_id name   amount
1  34       book   5600
2  45       pen    3000
3  56       wig    30000

To make it readable for everyone I save in ms.excel file, I need to provide summary from

tra1 = tran1.describe()

I need to give the dataframe summary to ms.excel file, because the data itself is not enough, if the data is four column it's automated saved on excel is in column A-E (A for the index), I want to fill start in column G in every sheet to give summary. What I already did is

writer = pd.ExcelWriter('Data Provinsi Jawa Barat.xlsx')
tran1.to_excel(writer,'Data Kabupaten Bandung')
tran2.to_excel(writer,'Data Kabupaten Tasikmalaya')
tran3.to_excel(writer,'Data Kabupaten Indramayy')
tran4.to_excel(writer,'Data Kabupaten Bogor')
tran5.to_excel(writer,'Data Kabupaten Majalangka')
tran6.to_excel(writer,'Data Kabupaten Banjar')

But I need to include my summary in the excel file (start from column G to make it spesific), what suppose I do?

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