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Electric Sander for Floor Sanding: A Comprehensive Review


When it comes to refinishing your floors, it’s important to have the right tools. An electric sander can save you time and effort when sanding hardwood floors, removing old paint or finish, or smoothing out rough patches. With so many different electric sanders available on the market today, it can be overwhelming to figure out which one is the best fit for your needs. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at some of the top-rated electric sanders for floor sanding to help you find the perfect tool for your next project.

Types of Electric Sanders

When it comes to electric sanders, there are a few different types to choose from. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to understand what you’re looking for before making a purchase.

Belt Sanders

Belt sanders are one of the most powerful types of electric sanders, making them ideal for large-scale sanding projects. They use a continuous loop of sandpaper that moves over two drums, providing a high level of efficiency and speed. However, they can be difficult to control, and the large size may make them tricky to use in tight spaces.

Random Orbital Sanders

Random orbital sanders are a versatile option that can be used for both rough and fine sanding. They use a circular pad that vibrates and rotates, creating a random orbit pattern that reduces the likelihood of creating swirl marks. They tend to be quieter than other types of sanders and are more forgiving in terms of user error. However, they are generally slower than belt sanders and may not be the best option for large-scale projects.

Detail Sanders

Detail sanders, also known as mouse sanders, are great for getting into small or tight spaces. They use a triangular-shaped pad that rotates to sand away rough patches, paint or finish. They tend to be small and lightweight, making them easy to maneuver. However, their small size may make them less efficient for larger projects, and they may not be as powerful as other types of sanders.

Top-Rated Electric Sanders for Floor Sanding

1. Makita BO5041K Random Orbit Sander

The Makita BO5041K is a powerful and versatile random orbit sander that delivers high-quality sanding for a variety of different projects. It features a large two-finger trigger switch for easy operation and a variable speed control dial that allows you to adjust the speed as needed. The ergonomic design and adjustable front handle make it comfortable to use, even for extended periods of time.

One potential drawback of this sander is that it may be slightly louder than other models, which could be an issue if you’re sanding in a shared space or a residential area.

2. DEWALT DWE6421K Random Orbit Sander

The DEWALT DWE6421K is another highly-rated random orbit sander that offers impressive performance and comfort. It features a 3.0-amp motor that delivers a powerful sanding experience, and a dust-sealed switch that protects against dust ingestion for longer tool life. The ergonomic design and rubberized palm grip make it easy to use, and the adjustable dust port allows for easy connection to a vacuum or other dust collection system.

One downside of this sander is that it may be slightly heavier than other models, which could be an issue if you’re doing a lot of overhead sanding or extended use.

3. Bosch ROS20VSC Random Orbit Sander

The Bosch ROS20VSC is a user-friendly and efficient random orbit sander that delivers excellent results. It features a powerful 2.5-amp motor that delivers a high standard of sanding, and a dust collection system that’s designed to trap even the finest dust particles. The ergonomic design and soft grip provide optimal comfort during use, and the variable speed control allows you to adjust the speed as needed for different projects.

One potential drawback of this sander is that the vacuum port can be somewhat difficult to connect to some vacuum hoses or dust collection systems.


When it comes to choosing the right electric sander for floor sanding, there are a lot of different factors to consider. From the type of sander to the size and weight, there are many things that can impact the performance of the tool. By taking the time to research and compare some of the top-rated sanders on the market, you can find the perfect tool for your next project and achieve high-quality results!

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