Bergen Industries Inc PS313163 3-Wire Appliance and Power Tool Cord, 3 ft, 16 AWG, 13A/125V AC, 1625w,Black

Bergen Industries Inc PS313163 3-Wire Appliance and Power Tool Cord

Introducing the Bergen Industries Inc PS313163 3-Wire Appliance and Power Tool Cord – the perfect solution for all your power tool and appliance needs. This 3-ft cord is designed to provide reliable and safe power supply with its 16 AWG wire, capable of handling up to 13A/125V AC or 1625w of power. Its sleek black design adds a touch of sophistication to any setup, making it a must-have for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.


There are several advantages that set the Bergen Industries Inc PS313163 cord apart from its competitors. Firstly, its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, guaranteeing that your power tools and appliances will always be powered efficiently. The high-quality 16 AWG wire can withstand heavy-duty usage, making it suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

Additionally, this cord offers optimal flexibility, allowing you to easily maneuver it around tight spaces without any hassle. Its compact 3-ft length makes it ideal for small and medium-sized setups, reducing tangling and clutter. The cord’s black color adds an aesthetic touch, blending seamlessly with any home or workspace decor.


While the Bergen Industries Inc PS313163 cord boasts numerous advantages, it’s essential to consider its limitations as well. One potential disadvantage is the relatively short length of 3 ft, which may not be suitable for larger spaces or situations where you need more reach. In such cases, it may be necessary to use an extension cord to extend the reach of the power supply.


To ensure the safe usage of the cord, it is important to take some precautions. Avoid placing the cord near heat sources or exposing it to excessive moisture, which could damage its insulation and pose a safety hazard. Always ensure that the cord is unplugged before cleaning or performing any maintenance. In case of any visible damage or frayed wires, refrain from using the cord and replace it immediately to prevent electrical accidents.

Suitable Audience and Occasions

The Bergen Industries Inc PS313163 cord is suitable for a wide range of audiences, including professionals, contractors, DIY enthusiasts, and homeowners. It can be used in various occasions such as construction sites, workshops, garages, and households. Whether you’re working on a woodworking project, operating power tools, or connecting appliances, this cord will provide the power and reliability you need.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining the PS313163 cord is simple. Start by disconnecting it from the power source. Use a dry cloth or duster to remove any dirt or debris from the cord’s surface. Avoid using any liquid or cleaning agents, as they can damage the cord’s insulation. Inspect the cord regularly for any signs of wear and tear, and if any issues are detected, contact our customer support for assistance.

Invest in the Bergen Industries Inc PS313163 3-Wire Appliance and Power Tool Cord today, and experience the convenience and reliability it brings to your power needs. With its superior quality and durability, this cord is the perfect addition to any power tool or appliance setup, ensuring efficient and safe operation every time.

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